Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Butterfly Stories

Last week in Maths we learnt about symmetrical patterns and we made some symmetrical butterflies. We then listened to some books and videos and wrote a report about the butterfly. Here are three reports from our super writers of the week with a photo of them holding their symmetrical butterfly.

Butterflies pump blood into their wings. They can drop eggs when they are flying across the field. Butterflies can only drink liquid, not big things. They live in gardens. Butterflies start as caterpillars and then come out of a coccon. Butterflies have different name and they only stay alive for 2 weeks.

A butterfly can suck the juice out of flowers. I have seen a butterfly come out of a cocoon. Butterflies don't have bones and they can live any where. They can fly and have four wings which help them do this. Butterflies can lay 500 eggs and are colourful. Lots of butterflies live all over the place.

A butterfly is an insect and it comes out of a cocoon. Butterflies lay eggs onto the swan plant. They have four wings and drink lots of big things. Butterflies can only stay alive for 2 weeks. They even have a body called the thorax.


  1. Wow! Fantastic writing guys I am very impressed. You have learned a lot about butterflies already. When my class was doing In the Garden we had a swan plant in our class and so we watched the life cycle from caterpillars to butterfly. The caterpillars were very very greedy and they ate all the juicy leaves so we had to buy another plant for them! Did you know that swan plants are poisonous and that birds don't eat the stripy monarch caterpillars because they know they're poisonous? Keep up the awesome writing. Well done!

  2. Well done! We are learning a lot about butterflies too.
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    Keep on doing so well.