Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We have had so much fun learning gymnastics over the last 5 weeks.


My favourite thing was the Ribbons.  They were sparkly pink and I felt like I was going to fly.  The ribbons were swishing and swishing all around the hall. It was fantastic!!! - Alex

My favourite thing was the beam that you walk on with the long ribbon.  It was fun!  I like gymnastics and my friends liked it too!  - Callum

My favourite activity was the parachute.  The ball blasted on my head and scraped on the floor.  The ball spun in the air and it was awesome! - William

My favourite activity was the hand stands.  I started to wibble wobble but I stayed like a statue.  My legs lay on the wall they were like two sticks, but I still stayed up in the air.  Everyone had fun! - Ben

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