Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Describing Ourselves

Today one of the writing groups wrote a description about themselves and then recorded it. Take a listen to these fabulous writers who tried to use similes in their writing.


  1. Great descriptive words. It is lovely to hear your voices.

    Lynette (Sam C's mum)

  2. Terrific descriptive writing everyone. You did so well using the word 'like' to create similes. Another word you can use is 'as'. So I could say my smile is as warm as the sun!

  3. You have worked hard on your descriptive writing. It's even better when you can read it aloud and post it to your blog to share. Thank you for sharing with us. I am sure your teacher is "as proud as a peacock" of you.

  4. I like your descriptive writing.
    From Faith

  5. You have done some good work.
    From Eva

  6. I like the way you used expression and used a clear voice.
    From Cameron.