Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Soft Toys

Last week we got to bring a soft toy to our class. Tayla took a photo of us with our beautiful soft toys and we wrote a description about them. One of the groups made a photo story with their descriptions.

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  1. I really liked your green crocodile toy, good use of the simile comparing his teeth to clouds because they are both white.

    Your little teddy bear seems to be very friendly and clever. What is that on his head? Is it a hat?

    I recognised the toy from the Monsters Inc movie.

    Gosh, you look scared of that freaky crocodile in the photo. Green and yellow skin and the word shiny makes your writing very interesting.

    Humphrey the bear looks like he's bigger than the little girl in the photo!

    I was excited to see the little white dog with the tartan ribbon because I have the same one!

    Terrific work "Smarties" and your photographer. What an interesting way to share your work with other people.