Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making the Garden

On Friday we planted our garden with the ladies from "Plant to Plate" and had lots of FUN!
This week we have been learning to write a recount and have written some fabulous stories about our gardening day. You can see all of our writing in the classroom.

Our Garden - By Logan
Do you know what we did on Friday? We made a vegetable garden of course. First we got into a group and got all the stuff that we all needed. We got the bucket, spades, dirt, soil and compost. We all started digging very very hard and my buddy was Holly. Then we kept on digging until all of the dirt was gone. After we used the very black compost until that was all gone. We planted all of the plants in the garden to make some vegetables. After wards we were all sweating, hot and dripping wet. The plants were spinach, lettuce, spring onion, broccoli, tomatoes and herbs. It took a long time to do all of it! We then washed our dirty hands and went back to LC 5

Our Vegetable Garden - By Liam P
On Friday we went to make a vegetable garden. First we dug the soil. Then we went to get some spades and some buckets. We had to dig dirt and put it in the garden. Then we got some plants and planted them in the garden. It was lots of fun!

Our Garden - By Kate
Last Friday we made out vegetable garden and my buddy was Macy. We got a bucket and shovel because we had to get the soil filled by the compost. Then we planted all of the plants. We had very dark, dirty hands. The plants were spinach and it was smelly. I planted a lettuce and it was very hard work. Did you know that spinach needs space in the garden? The plants need space, water, sun, air, food and light. We got a tomato plant for the class in a pink bucket. At the very end we got a photo taken by the teachers.

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