Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thinking ThursdayIn Learning Centre 5 we enjoy listening to lots of stories.

Today we read an online book and then put three of the thinking hats on to show what we thought about the story.

Have a look at some of the different ideas we came up with......

Yellow Hat
- It was good when Little Red Riding Hoods Mum gave her some food because Granny was sick.

- It was really good when Little Red Riding Hood gave Nanny a basket of goodies because I thought it was nice.
- It was great when the wolf spat Granny out because she was still alive.
- It's really good that her Mum put baked custard in because her Granny was sick and poor

Black Hat
- It wasn't good when Little Red Riding Hood talked to the wolf because her Mum said not to talk to any strangers.
- It wasn't good that the wolf ate the Granny because she wouldn't be able to see where she was up to in her book.
- The bad part was when the wolf ate the Granny because it was bad.

Red Hat
- I felt happy when the hunter found Granny.
- It was funny about the crocodile at the end.
- I felt happy when the hunter came because he killed the wolf and then Granny was saved.
- I thought it was sad that Granny went missing in the story.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your thinking hat ideas. What a good idea to make the writing the same colour as the hats. It was a bit tricky to read the yellow writing though! We are doing nursery rhymes in our class next Term I would like to read that online story with my class because it looks really good. Thank you for sharing your clever work.